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Wild Willy Barrett FC

You won’t find another band quite like Wild Willy Barrett’s French connection. An acoustic quartet playing a real mix of musical styles on a wide variety of instruments, with a strong French theme, the beautiful vocals of Aurora Colson, all expertly directed by the ‘God Father’ of Grunge Folk, Wild Willy please see or search French connection on Facebook for more information.

I first met Wild Willy when we all lived on boats on the Grand Union Canal, and have been collaborating on a variety of Musical projects with him for more than 15 years. French Connection came in to being after Willy moved to France in 2010, with his wife Mary Holland, another long time musical collaborator of mine, who plays Cello in the band. We toured France for a time but soon the demands and audience began to grow in the UK. Singer Aurora Colson joined us in summer 2014 and things are going from strength to strength now.